Murata Showcases Advanced IMU Technology Driving Mobility Innovations at CES 2024

Murata is poised to unveil a diverse array of new solutions at CES 2024, taking place in Las Vegas from January 9-12. The company’s spotlight will prominently feature their Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) technology, showcased in the Vehicle Technology Pavilion. These innovations are centered around advancing mobility solutions, with notable highlights including:

  • Dynamic Headlight Leveling Using MEMS: One of Murata’s offerings, leveraging IMU technology to transform headlight control mechanisms in vehicles. By replacing traditional sensors and wire harnesses, this IMU-based solution significantly reduces costs and weight while ensuring precise headlight adjustments.
  • Gyro Compass: Murata’s latest Gyro Compass emerges as a quick way to identify true north. Its integration enhances navigation accuracy, particularly beneficial for autonomous vehicles and a spectrum of applications requiring precise positioning.

Murata’s IMU technology serves as the cornerstone for these innovations, underscoring the company’s commitment to advancing mobility solutions. By integrating IMU capabilities into mobility solutions, Murata aims to contribute to the evolution of various industries reliant on precise positioning and control mechanisms.