Orbiter 4 UAS From Aeronautics Designed for Maritime Patrol

Aeronautics recently introduced its Orbiter 4 small tactical drone for long-range maritime patrol missions.

The long-endurance drone comes equipped with EO/IR and MPR payloads for maritime monitoring, gas and oil rig protection, illegal activity tracking and search and rescue, according to a news release. It features a light, versatile and covert platform. The design is based on the structure and properties of the company’s Orbiter 3.

The newest UAS has an endurance of more than 24 hours and can carry and operate multiple payloads at the same time. Other features include advanced image processing capabilities, an automatic takeoff and recovery system, and the ability to navigate with or without GPS/datalink. It is airstrip independent, meaning it can take off and land on any type of vessel.

Three people are needed to operate the UAS, which has been fully integrated into the operational environment of navy vessels and meets the requirements of navy operations.

“There is a growing need today for tactical drones capable of carrying out ISTAR missions in challenging marine environments,” said Matan Perry, vice president of marketing and sales at Aeronautics, according to the release. “As pioneers in the field of small tactical UAS, we are proud to be able to provide a solution that has been adapted to meet these needs. Having been specifically tailored in this way, we believe it to be the best possible solution to meet all the requirements of the navy.”