QYSEA Launches AI-Powered Underwater Measurement System for Robotic Submersibles

QYSEA Technology has unveiled the QYSEA Measurement Tool (QY-MT), an AI-powered precision measurement system designed for underwater robotic applications. This new system aims to advance subsea technology, offering a blend of real-time and offline measurement capabilities to enhance accuracy and efficiency in underwater operations.

The QY-MT system is engineered to integrate seamlessly with QYSEA’s FIFISH underwater robots, leveraging AI visual algorithms to process and analyze underwater data and perform precise measurements on a variety of underwater structures and objects.

QY-MT’s utility extends across multiple sectors, including bridge inspection, hydropower, underwater infrastructure, ship inspection, and offshore wind power.

At the core of QY-MT’s capabilities is its powerful AI algorithm, which allows for the measurement of various irregular shapes with high precision. By utilizing the FIFISH robot’s 4K camera system, the system can identify and measure complex shapes, streamlining the process of conducting non-destructive underwater measurements.

The system’s multi-measurement functionalities include the ability to measure length, height, and even the curvature of underwater objects, displaying data in customizable units. QY-MT also offers features for measuring angles and calculating the area and perimeter of polygonal and irregularly shaped objects underwater.