Skyports and Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Explore Drone Logistics

Skyports Drone Services and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) have initiated a partnership to study the potential for using drones for middle-mile logistics in the New York and New Jersey area. This effort aims to assess the viability of drones in enhancing the efficiency of cargo transportation within this region’s extensive transportation network, which includes major airports, ports, and transit systems.

The collaboration will focus on exploring the use of all-electric drones to reduce truck traffic and emissions by transferring some cargo movements to more sustainable transport methods. The feasibility study will examine various aspects necessary for drone operations, including regulatory compliance, technical requirements, and operational and commercial strategies, with a specific interest in the logistics chain’s middle mile. This segment involves transporting goods from distribution centers to retail or local fulfillment centers, a crucial step before the final delivery to consumers.

Skyports brings to the project its experience in deploying drone services for different sectors globally, such as medical supplies, maritime operations, and logistics, promising to enhance PANYNJ’s cargo handling capabilities with drone technology. The company’s expertise includes conducting operations beyond visual line of sight, transporting both light and heavy cargo, and serving difficult-to-access areas.

The partnership’s goal is to create a practical roadmap for integrating unmanned aerial systems (UAS) within New York City’s and the surrounding area’s transportation infrastructure, potentially culminating in pilot operations within the Port District. This initiative reflects both organizations’ commitment to innovation and sustainable transportation solutions, aiming to leverage drone technology for efficient and eco-friendly cargo movement between New York and New Jersey.