Cyberhawk Completes UAS Inspections for Dubai Petroleum

Cyberhawk Innovations recently deployed unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to inspect more than 350 risers on 63 offshore platforms for Dubai Petroleum—completing the work in one month.

Traditionally, risers are difficult areas of an offshore platform to inspect, according to a news release. They’re located in the under deck and the splash zones, making options for access, such as abseiling or scaffolding, limited, time consuming and expensive.

Cyberhawk produced more than 90 detailed engineering inspection reports, allowing the client to plan contact-based inspections or repairs. They also produced daily reports to notify Dubai Petroleum of potentially serious defects that needed to be addressed right away.

Now that a full inspection has been completed on all risers, Dubai Petroleum has the ability to track defects and better understand their long-term degradation.

The Cyberhawk team also inspected three elevated flare stacks and 24 bridges during this project.

“Having worked with Cyberhawk in the past, we understand and appreciate the potential on offer from UAV inspections,” Dubai Petroleum’s Asset Integrity Manager said, according to the release. “This confidence led us to use UAVs in a new area within our business; this risers survey project. The campaign was a great success and we are pleased with the outcome. The speed and efficiency with which this project was completed has proven that the scope and application of UAV inspection can be expanded for our requirements.”