QYSEA Introduces AI Diver Tracking for Underwater Robots

QYSEA Technology has unveiled an AI Diver Tracking Function for its underwater robots, a technology designed to enhance safety and operational efficiency for underwater professionals and enthusiasts. Leveraging QYSEA’s proprietary AI underwater image filtering algorithm and advanced visual recognition technology, the AI Diver Tracking Function aims to identify a diver’s movements in real-time, allowing for precise underwater visual tracking and monitoring. This development addresses the complexities and manual operation demands of traditional underwater robot and diver collaborations, streamlining control through intelligent algorithms for real-time tracking.

The AI Diver Tracking Function supports a wide range of applications, including underwater engineering, ecological conservation, emergency rescue, underwater events, and leisure activities:

  • Solo Dive Capture: In single-person mode, the FIFISH Underwater Robot intelligently tracks a diver from various angles—side, rear, top, and bottom—adapting seamlessly to different environments and capturing diverse perspectives.
  • Dynamic Group Shots: In multi-person mode, the FIFISH adjusts its framing to keep multiple divers within view, offering expansive shots whether the team disperses or swims in synchrony, ensuring consistent monitoring.
  • Real-time Monitoring and Synchronized Transmission: The AI Diver Tracking supports real-time monitoring, offering synchronized underwater and surface views through the QYSEA FIFISH APP. This feature allows for easy activation and connectivity to the ROV, facilitating straightforward tracking of diver movements.

Key application scenarios include continuous monitoring in underwater engineering projects, enhancing life safety in challenging environments, supporting underwater conservation efforts with stable tracking, focusing on rescue personnel for efficient operation, and capturing free diving competitions for safety and live event broadcasting.