The new Regulus Pyramid GNSS is a stand-alone software solution that doesn’t require any additional hardware to protect a GPS receiver or chipsets.

Regulus Cyber Releases Software-Based Cybersecurity Solution Against Hacking Navigation Systems

Regulus Cyber, an Israeli firm that provides a solution for smart-sensor security, has introduced a breakthrough software-only cybersecurity solution designed to…

The POSPac UAV post-processing software processes data logged from the Trimble APX UAV series of board sets to produce a highly accurate position and orientation solution that is used to Directly Georeference data from a LiDAR or camera flown onboard a UAV.

Applanix Enhances POSPac Trimble Post-Processed CenterPoint RTX Correction Service to Support UAV Mapping Without Base Stations

Applanix, a Trimble Company, announced Tuesday that the POSPac Trimble Post-Processed CenterPoint RTX™ (POSPac PP-RTX) correction service has been enhanced…