FLIR Receives First Order for Black Hornet VRS Nano UAV

The Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) recently procured a Black Hornet Vehicle Reconnaissance System (VRS) from FLIR, marking the company’s first sale of an integrated VSR system.

FFI, the prime institution responsible for defense-related research and development in Norway, will use the vehicle-launched nano-UAV as part of its base protection program, according to a news release. This includes live testing new concepts that involve multiple active and passive sensors, command and control systems, as well as threat mitigation and defeat capabilities. The ICE worx department will oversee the effort.

The Black Hornet offers an immediate, self-contained surveillance and reconnaissance system for armored or mechanized vehicles. The UAV is adapted from the Black Hornet Personal Reconnaissance System (PRS). The launch unit features fully integrated controls inside the vehicle, mounts externally and can deploy up to four Black Hornet drones, collecting real-time situational awareness while crews stay inside the vehicle.

“Among their many missions, our Black Hornet PRS and VRS systems can help reduce the manpower needed to secure base camps, protect forces, or gather actionable intel on the battlefield,” said Roger Wells, VP and general manager of the Unmanned Systems & Integrated Solutions business line at FLIR, according to the release. “FFI’s program is a good model of collaboration between Norwegian defense and industry to develop innovative, cost-effective solutions that can save lives. We’re proud to be playing a role.”